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Share your NF account subscription and get Paid & free Netflix access

You can share your additional NF account subscription or create a new netflix for us and get paid on the number of profiles you share with others. Just fill up the form and one of our team will reach you. for one 649rs account we pay 649rs
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Fill your details, pay joining fee & we will reach you

Benefits & FAQ's of sharing your NF subscription

If you have purchased a NF premium account subscription, and you are the only one using it, you can share with other through our platform and earn.
Free Subscription

If you have purchased a premium subscription, you can earn by sharing it with others through our platform. You can choose to share between 1-4 users / profiles and will be paid on each profile, or share complete 649rs paid account and get 649rs per account + free access to NF

Security Deposit

One time non refundable Joining fees of ₹999/- rs shall be paid to start sharing the accounts through our platform. This is just to make sure that we can eliminate the scam & fraud users. It is not refundable.

Get Monthly Payouts 649rs per account/-

Your total earnings will be transferred to your bank account directly in the first week of every month. For sharing complete account, we pay 649rs per amount, which is the cost of Ultra HD subscription; also you get free access to the account.

Working Methodology

Once your joining fees is received and is approved by our team, Our team will reach you with details how to proceed. On approval & confirmation of everything you start sharing and getting payments.

Resolving users complains

You don't have to worry about user complains, neither your earning is affected. Our team resolves all the user complains

24*7 Customer support

Our customer support team is available 24*7 to help. If you feel any problem you can live chat with us, you can also mail us at for any queries. Also we provide whatsapp support to our sharers

Some more Information on sharers

  • - For each debit card / Credit you can create 3 netflix ids, you can use UPI/paytm etc

  • Note: we never ask for your credit card / debit card details, neither we get the info of your card when you apply to netflix. Do not share your card details /OTP with us even if asked.

  • At any point of time, if you feel uncomfortable sharing your NF account with us, you can cancel your card by talking to the customer care of netflix

  • Normally a person is having only 1 or 2 email ids, also they don't want to share their personal information with others, so to tackle this problem, we will generate the email ids for each sharers for our domain. So sharers don't have to worry about the email ids.

  • Sometimes the password is automatically reset by netflix, or changed by some users, If the password is changed our team will reset it.

  • Sharers always have the access to the accounts they share, they always have the id and password of the accounts they share, also they can contact us anytime to find the password in case they lost it.

  • Accounts requirement can be increased or decreased depending on the sales, splitaccounts doesn't guarantees that being a partner you will be always given the order for account. it completely depends on sales and netflix policy

  • Any policy change of Netflix can affect the sales of accounts and commissions, splitaccounts doesn't guarantees a particular amount every month / account.

  • Security deposit is one time joining fees and is strictly non-refundable in any case.

Do you have any questions regarding our sharer platform? Mail us to

Split Accounts

Split Accounts community is a non profit organization, which aims to provide the Split Accounts of video streaming providers at lowest cost. Our main user base are those people who want premium account of video streaming providers and use on only single device.

- We do NOT buy or sell or resale subscriptions.

We just provide a Service of connecting people who are looking for subscription partners and help them share securely.

- We don't Store your Card Information

Your payment is process by 3-D secure payment partner payumoney, we don't get any data of your card data. Your payment is 100% safe and secure Protection Status
How do I BUY subscription ? How this works ? What is the process? How to RENEW / Recharge ?
    You can buy by placing your email and contact number, after successful payment, the id and password will be shared to the email id. To renew you can follow the same method

    Not received the Login id and password ?
    Email and password are generated automatically as soon as the payment is received. Sometimes due to system issues, it can take up to 12 hrs. Please have PATIENCE, and DO NOT WORRY. We will give login ID/password.

    How many people can watch? Can I share it with others. ?
    As mentioned above, it can be watched by only ONE person at a time. No you cannot share it with others.If you want it for more than one person then you will need to buy more screens.

    What if someone changes password / Email ? Whom to contact for any problem?
    Only we know the credit cards details entered in subscription and have OTP access. So, even if someone changes password or even email, still we can recover account in few mins. Send us an email / whatsapp msg or live chat in such a case.
    What are Community Rules ?
    ❌ Do Not Change login Email/Password. Account contains credit card info and hacking that is highly illegal.You will be blocked.
    ❌ Do Not share your login id/password* with others.
    ❌ Use only the *profile* allocated to you.

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